Fairoaks OOH Form

The applicable form below is to be completed after landing / before departure and sent to Fairoaks ATSU via the submit button.


Fairoaks – Out of Hours Departure

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Fairoaks – Out of Hours Arrival

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Terms and Conditions

a) Pilots must comply with the requirements of the Air Navigation Order and the Rules of the Air Regulations.

b) The aircraft being covered by third party insurance to a value of £1,000,000. Acceptable evidence of this insurance to be produced to the aerodrome operator whenever required.

c) The use of the aerodrome during daylight hours only, and in accordance with all local aerodrome rules.

 d) Landing fees where applicable may be paid by cheque attached to this form or by telephoning the Tower.

 e) The pilot understands that when making a landing at, or take off from Fairoaks Airport outside the operational hours published in the UK AIP (or elsewhere) neither Aerodrome Flight Information Service facilities nor crash and rescue crew will be available and that the aerodrome will in such circumstances will not be  available to aircraft requiring a licensed aerodrome within the provision of Article 126 of the Air Navigation Order.

f) The pilot agrees that no claim will be made against Fairoaks Operations Ltd. or any group/company or any of their respective servants or agents.


1. An emergency telephone for 999 calls only is available in the flight planning room at the base of the Control Tower.

2. Departures in IFR conditions must be coordinated with London Terminal Control before take-off. Telephone 02380-401102.

3. Maintain a listening watch on Fairoaks frequency 123.425 MHz. When outbound  report your position from when you commence taxiing until changing frequency.When inbound report your position joining, in the circuit and on the ground until shut down.

4. VFR departures should squawk 0457 and climb not above 1400 QNH until in contact with Farnborough LARS on 125.250 MHz. For Special VFR flights, remain in the ATZ and  free call Heathrow Radar 125.625 MHz or, if no reply, Thames Radar on 132.7 MHz.

5. Helicopters arriving must let down over the centre of the airfield and avoid overflying the buildings in the North East corner of the airfield and Ottershaw Mansion.

6. NO circuit flying outside of published operating hours.