We aim to offer a simple price structure with no hidden charges.

Trial lesson prices include your daily membership of Fairoaks Flight Centre, your aircraft and your instructor; for flight training budget for your Fairoaks Flight Centre membership, your aircraft and your instructor.

Aircraft hire rates are “blocks off to blocks on” so you only pay for the time that goes into your log book and not the tachometer time taken to complete vital safety checks before and after taxi.

All aircraft take offs and landings at Fairoaks airport are included and we have negotiated, on behalf of our members, free landing fees at Goodwood and Dunsfold aerodrome - you just have to top up with fuel whilst you are there.  When landing at other aerodromes simply budget for their landing fee.

There are no fuel surcharges.

Trial lessons & gift vouchers

½ hour trial lesson £99
¾ hour trial lesson £149
1 hour trial lesson £195
Upgrade to PA28 £40

Aircraft training & self hire

Cessna 152 £165 p / h
Piper PA28 Archer & Warrior £210 p / h
Piper PA28R Arrow £240 p / h


Private Pilot Licence £35 p / h
PPL (Own aircraft) £50 p / h
Instrument & Complex £40 p / h

Ground Exams

PPL & IMC £35 p / exam


Annual £120
Monthly £20
Daily £15