Southend & EasyJet Ops

EasyJet operations from Southend began during the first week in April with three Airbus A-319s operating about 70 departures and 70 arrivals per week. Southend has installed radar and SSR and it would be sensible to give them a call if you are flying locally or passing through their area. There is no new controlled airspace so these aircraft will be operating in Class G on arrival and departure but you can make the area safer by just letting them know you are there.

This map shows the approaches and departures from Southend.

Although routing will depend on clearance into CAS, departures are likely to follow the blue lines on the chart and arrivals the brown dashed lines. The final approaches on the runway centrelines are marked on the VFR charts and are an area you may want to take particular care in.  As ever the first wave of the day is likely to leave Southend before 0800 local and return around 1000.  Depart again before 1100, returning and leaving again between 1530 and 1700 and finally returning after dark. So there are some specifically busy windows during the day; mid morning and mid to late afternoon.

To help you, easyJet aircraft will minimise the time spent in Class G airspace by holding on the ground until they expect to be given a clearance to enter controlled airspace and they will limit their speed to 220 kts in Class G. If they are held below CAS they will maintain altitude 3000ft. Arrivals will stay in CAS as long as possible but they will have to descend before reaching final, either for an ILS or visual approach. And they have helpfully painted their aircraft bright orange so they are easier for you to see.

They want to stay clear of us so let’s help them by talking to Southend whenever we are in that corner of the country. They are waiting for your call on 130.775 ….. Give them a try.

Source: Light Aircraft Association