English Language Proficiency

The following is applicable to all pilots with a licence issued before 2008.

In order to comply with ICAO obligations, all UK pilots holding a FRTOL (Flight Radio Telephony Operators Licence) were automatically given an endorsement by the CAA in 2008 following a global ruling by ICAO requiring all pilots to formally demonstrate their knowledge of English language. This was a ‘Level 4’ endorsement that was only valid for four years unless renewed, and therefore will have expired in March 2012 for the majority of general aviation pilots.

Most commercial pilots will have been upgraded by flight test examiners to a Level 6 endorsement which is valid for life. However, for private pilots, unless a flight test has been undertaken in the last four years there is a high probability that the language proficiency has not been renewed.

Whilst the exact status of your English language proficiency on the CAA database can be obtained by phoning personnel licensing, the safest way of ensuring your licence is valid and compliant with the requirements is to submit SRG1199 to the CAA which shows a flight examiner has assessed your English language proficiency. For native speakers this will be to ‘Level 6’ which will not expire in the future.

All members with a licence issued before 2008 are recommended to request that SRG1199 is completed by an examiner which, on the condition of being assessed as Level 6, will be forwarded to the CAA to update their records and ensure licence validity is maintained.

Those with licences issued after 2008 will already have the required proficiency on your CAA record so no further action needs to be taken.

Members should email manager@flysynergy.com to arrange for the completion of the form and include in the email their CAA personal reference number.