New PPL Examinations

In order to comply with new legislation requirements under EASA, a new PPL theoretical examination syllabus is being introduced by the UK CAA and will take effect from 1 September 2013. Full details are available from IN-2013/061 and Standards Document 11 (v12) but a summary of the main points as applicable to current students are included below.

There are two main differences between the old and new exam syllabus:

  1. Increase from seven to nine exams
  2. Introduction of ‘sittings’

Increase In Exams

The two additional exams in the new syllabus arise from the current Aviation Law & Operational Procedures and Aircraft General & Principles of Flight each being split into two separate exams. A comparison is made below:

Exam Comparison

Introduction of 'sittings'

There will be maximum of 6 sittings available in order to complete all the required theoretical examinations.

A sitting is defined as a maximum period of 10 consecutive days within which one or more exams can be taken.

In addition to these requirements, all the theoretical exams must be completed within an 18 month period (counted from the end of the calendar month when the applicant first attempted an examination). Once they have been completed within this period, the passes will be valid for 24 months for the purpose of license issue.

Transition Arrangements

The majority of exam passes before the transition date on 1 September 2013 will carry over to the new syllabus. There are however some specific arrangements listed below.

As a result of the increase in exams mentioned above, the following arrangements apply:

A pass in the current Aviation Law exam will be valid for both the Air Law and Operational Procedures exams under the new syllabus.

A pass in the current Aircraft General & Principles of Flight will be valid for both the Aircraft General Knowledge and Principles of Flight exams under the new syllabus.

Under the new syllabus, the topic areas in Flight Performance & Planning and Navigation have moved between subjects. As a result the following arrangements apply:

In the case of the two subjects Flight Performance & Planning and Navigation, a student will need to pass both subjects prior to 1 September 2013 in order to carry the passes over to the new syllabus. No credit will be given for a pass in one subject only. Students who have not passed both subjects by 1 September 2013 will have to sit both examinations to the new syllabus.

Further Guidance

We welcome any questions from our members regarding the new examinations and will be happy to advise on the impact these changes will have to your individual situation. Please feel free to ask your instructor or Marcus for any further details.