EGTF Pilot’s Notice 10/2013

The Fairoaks Pilot's Notice 10/2013 draws attention to a trial period that will be running  from 20th January 2014 till 20th April 2014. The trial period is being held in an effort to improve the efficiency of VFR and IFR traffic interaction between Fairoaks and Farnborough.

In short, during periods when the Farnborough RWY24 approach pattern is active, the following r/t package will be issued to departing aircraft:

Golf India Uniform, for co-ordination, Farnborough request not above altitude 1400ft due conflicting traffic.”

This should be complied with until contact is made with Farnborough and they de-restrict the altitude limit.

Pilot's operating at Fairoaks during this trial period should take the time to familiarise themselves with content of the pilot's notice, linked below.

Download EGTF Pilot's Notice 10/2013