Non-European (FAA) EASA Conversion

How do I convert my non-European licence to an EASA PPL licence? (Updated: 14/01/2013)

Providing you have completed at least 100 hours of total flight time, a non-European licence may be converted to an EASA Part-FCL licence issued by the CAA on completion of the following:

a) Pass written examinations in Air Law, Human Performance and Communications.

b) Pass the PPL skills test

c) Hold at least an EASA Class 2 medical certificate

d) Take the Radiotelephony practical test

An application for the conversion to an EASA Licence should be made on SRG1105, with a certified copy of your non-European licence being submitted with the application.

Further Guidance:

CAP804 - Part I, Section 4, Part Q, Subpart 2