Chocking Aircraft

Chock-AircraftThere have been several recent observations from the ground crew at Fairoaks, highlighting chocks are sometimes incorrectly positioned thus rendering them ineffective. As a result, the following information is provided to all pilots to draw attention to the correct method of chocking aircraft.

When chocking the aircraft, please consider the slope of the ground on which it is parked. The chock should be positioned in order to counteract the natural tendency for the aircraft to roll. This gives rise to the following general recommendations:

Aircraft Parked Uphill: Position the chock behind the nosewheel in order to prevent the aircraft from rolling backwards.

Aircraft Parked Downhill: Position the chock in front of the nosewheel to prevent the aircraft rolling forward.

Aircraft Parked Level: When parked level, the aircraft can roll either forward or backwards. As a result, two chocks should be used with one positioned in front and one behind the nosewheel.