Taxiing Restrictions

Outside B1 Hangar

Attention is drawn to the following extract from the Fairoaks AIP (EGTF AD 2.20, 2b): "The apron in front of the B1 hangar is not available for taxiing aircraft due to surface condition."

Due to the loose stones outside the main hangars at Fairoaks, no aircraft should taxi or have the engine running behind the white line. This area is depicted on the image below with the shaded red area.


In practice, this means that when starting aircraft parked outside the hangar, they must be pushed forward in front of the white line and started from that position. When parking, aircraft should be shut down in front of the white line and then pushed backwards onto the applicable parking spot.

Always ensure there are two people available when manoeuvring aircraft in this way. If assistance is needed, please seek either the ground crew, an instructor or member of staff.

Taxiway Charlie

Similarly, taxiway Charlie is NOT to be used owing to unsuitable surface conditions. This restriction, whist not set by the airport as in the case above, is a club rule which has been made in order to sensibly mitigate the risk of any propellor damage.

As a result, the tower may at times request you taxi via TWY Charlie. If requested to do so, the appropriate response should be "Unable to accept taxiway Charlie due to surface condition, G-CD." They will then be able to offer an alternative routing as required.