Bembridge Airport Account

Members planning to visit Bembridge Airport from now on can take advantage of our new agreement with the airfield that allows the landing fees to be paid 'on account', thus removing the requirement to cary the exact amount of cash needed to pay the landing fee.

Simply ask a member of the operations staff for the 'Bembridge landing fee sheet' which is to be filed out with your name and aircraft details and deposited in place of the usual cash payment. Your landing fee can then be paid along with your flight on return to Fairoaks and we shall take care of making the payment to Bembridge at the end of each month.

The landing fees current July 2012 are £12 (C152) and £15 (PA28 / Arrow) and the airfield is best visited on Wednesday (BST), Saturdays and Sundays when the Vectis Gliding Club, who run the airfield, are active and present on the airfield. Further details on the airfield can be found at