‘Centre of excellence’ at Cambridge.

The owners of Cambridge airport, the Marshall Group, are investing £20 million to expand the airport by developing on the green field site to the south side of the runway, aiming to transform the airport into a vibrant business hub.


Included in the plans are a construction of a new taxiway and major rehabilitation of the runway, in conjunction with improved drainage to deliver additional environmental benefits.

The positioning of the airport is a key ingredient to its planned success. With Cambridgeshire and Suffolk both leading the UK research and development industry, there is demand for quick and easy access to key financial and industry cities in Europe.

Archie Garden, airport director of Cambridge explains how he is keen to attract new businesses to the airport, "All our buildings are currently full but we'd like to entice new tenants to the airport which will support the on-going development of Cambridge Airport as a leading centre of excellence for aviation. We have the land available to the south side of the airport and this is driving the next phase of our strategy to develop new buildings in the area."

The large runway, complete with full ATC and airport services, makes it suitable for jets up to B757 and ACT/A320 size and therefore offers itself as an uncongested gateway for business and commercial aviation.

From May, the airport also welcomes Saturday services to Jersey with ATR42 aircraft and from September, flights to Burgundy (France) are scheduled to operate twice-weekly.

There are also high hopes for Cambridge during the Olympic period as it is one of only five regional airports in the UK capable of accepting business and passenger services with a 24/7 slot allocation.