Lee on Solent PPR

Further to the announcement made on 17 January 2014 regarding PPR requirements at Lee-on-the-Solent Daedalus (EGHR), this memorandum provides further refinement of this policy:

Prior Permission Required (PPR) will remain in force at the airfield for all out of hours operations, with exceptions applying for residents operating under a waiver system. During normal operating hours PPR is encouraged, in order to allow airfield staff to provide any essential flight safety related information, however there will be no formal requirement to obtain PPR before arriving at the airfield. These conditions during normal operating hours apply to both residents and visiting aircraft.

All visitors are now to use the Tower Apron grass parking area for their aircraft when visiting the airfield, unless hosted by an alternative resident or handling agent, in which case visitors are required to inform the tower on arrival.

The operation will continue to be a self-handling service only, with Britten-Norman providing an Air to Ground tower service during operational hours. The Tower Apron parking location will better serve visitors, offering a much easier and safer method of getting landside, via access to the Waterfront area of the airfield and via the Argus Gate entrance.

Please note that Britten-Norman’s airfield management service applies to airside operations only and concerns all matters relating to the safe use of the airspace and airside areas. The company is not responsible for the waterfront area, general site access or for aircraft handling matters (including the collection of landing fees, which should be paid to the landlord, HCA). Visitors requiring a handling service can request assistance from Britten-Norman, however charges may apply.


Basic Additional Tower Apron Briefing Information

It will remain the responsibility of the pilot to ensure his/her aircraft is parked responsibly and so as not to cause obstruction from the airfield’s RFFS response units and other aircraft.

Visiting aircraft should not park on hard-standing areas of the Tower Apron, as this causes an obstruction to other users. All parking is on grassed areas and guidance may be sought by contacting the tower.

Currently there are a number of fixed base aircraft based operating from the tower. These aircraft are parked in a manner which is likely to cause a taxi risk to aircraft following the taxiway centreline to Tower Apron. All visitors need to be aware of the increased wing-tip striking distance danger in this area of the airfield; pilots are expected to apply the necessary increased distances during this phase of manoeuvring.


General Airfield Briefing Information

Visitors are not permitted to access the airside areas of the airfield without prior approval from the tower and are not permitted to bring vehicles on to the airfield without the required permit, airside insurance and driver briefings. These temporary vehicle permits are requested separately and require the written endorsement of the Airfield Manager.

In addition to guidance offered in this AOM, please ensure that all pilots have been fully briefed and have a copy of the latest version of the Aerodrome Operations Manual.

Please continue to stay informed of the changes and any operational notices by subscribing to the LOS Users Email Bulletin – emails sent by the Airfield Manager / Tower, by emailing a request directly to: andy.walters@bnaircraft.com with the subject ‘subscribe’. To be removed from this list, please email with subject ‘un-subscribe’.


Andy Walters

Airfield, Air Safety & Flight Operations Manager

Lee-on-the-Solent Daedalus Airfield

Operated by Fly BN Ltd – a Britten-Norman company