May 2012 IMC Update

The CAA issued an update to the Instrument Meteorological Conditions Rating (IMCR) in May 2012. In short, it confirms that you can continue to train towards and have an IMCR issued on your licence up until 8 April 2014.

Any UK-issued licence that has a valid IMC rating on it, prior to 8 April 2014, will retain these privileges when the licence is converted to a Part-FCL licence (the new European licence standard).

 It will appear on the EASA licence as an IR(R) - a Restricted Instrument Rating. It will only be valid for use in UK airspace and will be subject to the same revalidation and renewal requirements as the current IMCR.

 This is subject to any further comments that EASA may have and further details can be found in the May 2012 IMC update from the CAA.