Non-European Licence (Eg, FAA) In UK

I hold a non-European licence (eg, FAA Licence). Can I use this to fly within the UK? (Updated: 14/01/2013)

Providing the licence will be used for private operations only, the short answer is yes until April 2015.  A general validation is available that allows the holder of such a licence to exercise its privileges in EASA aircraft registered in the United Kingdom.

It is not possible to use this general validation in order to carry out non-private flights, give flight instruction, or fly in controlled airspace which requires compliance with Instrument Flight Rules.

At the time of writing, after 8 April 2015, EASA Aircrew Regulation will override this general validation. It will then be required to validate non-European licences on an individual basis. This period of validation however shall not exceed 1 year so it must therefore be converted to a Part-FCL licence in order to fly EASA aircraft registered in the United Kingdom on a longer-term basis.

Further Guidance:

Official Record Series 4 (No 998)

Information Notice 2013/206

CAP804 - Part I, Section 4, Part Q, Subpart 1